Tunes are imaginative song titles generated by AI.
Audio, cover art, artist name, and other functionalities are intentionally omitted for others to interpret and create.
Feel free to use a Tune in any way you want.

Minted: 5000/5000


Can I still mint TUNES?
Not anymore, but you can still buy TUNES on OpenSea.

When was the last TUNES drop?
The last TUNES drop was released on 09/10/2021, at 9AM PT.

How much did it cost to mint TUNES?
It was free. Minters only had to pay for gas.

Can I listen to these songs?
Yes! We created a derivative for artists to create and sell songs on top of Tunes.

How many TUNES are there in total?
There are 5000 TUNES in total, of which 310 are reserved for the founding team.

How do I generate cover art for my song?
Go into the cover-art channel on our Discord and use /coverart followed by the URL of the OpenSea asset.

Who is on the Team?
Suhail and Eric founded the project. Merwane and Rosco helped.

I got a DM'd a link from someone claiming to be a team member, can I trust it?
NO! We will never, ever DM you first. None of the team members will ever DM you with links or asking for your wallet address/seed phrase.